2008 Pinot Grigio Club Project

Members are encouraged to participate in the Club Winemaking Project. Each year at harvest, partipants have the opportunity to join together on the same day to take delivery of grapes at a selected vineyard. Usually grapes arrive picked and are crushed on site. White grapes are typically pressed on site. Winemakers then follow a planned protocol for making up to 5 gallons of wine for evaluation one year later. The club offers 50% reimbursement of the cost of grapes for making up to 5 gallons of wine. You must be a member to have your wine evaluated and you must submit two 750ml bottles of wine to be evaluated in order to be reimbursed. It's incredible how much we learn and how different the wines all taste!

2008 Pinot Grigio Club Project

Postby joy smathers » Wed Mar 18, 2009 1:18 pm

It's been over seven months now since we picked, crushed and pressed our Pinot Grigio from Rivergrove. A few people, myself included, have filtered and/or begun to bottle. Some are pretty happy with the results. If you experience a slight bitterness at the back of the tongue when you taste yours, don't panic - it's characteristic of the varietal. If you haven't done anything to fine yours, and want a definitive discussion of the best way to do it, come to the meeting tonight and
hear Mike Ramsey, Director of the Wine lab at UCD, talk about fining. Why, you could even bring some for him to taste and possibly recommend a fining process for you.

Don't hesitate to use this forum to discuss the progress of your Pinot Grigio.

joy smathers

Re: Pinot Grigio Club Project

Postby Donna B » Fri Mar 20, 2009 5:11 pm

I bottled my pinot grigio about a month ago. I used the Club filter and it is the clearest white wine I have ever produced. Fining just didn't do the trick for me. Tasts great - very dry, but fruity.

Donna B.
Donna B

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